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+668 2762 8302
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Licence No. 22/0248
Mr Mechanic's Motorcycle Rental services are based in the heart of Chiang Mai's 'Old City' area. 
Easy to find, lots of new bikes, and the friendliest service in town!
The three shops have a good selection of brand-new Kawasaki KLX & D-Tracker 250cc 
trail bikes plus ER-6n & Ninja 650cc road bikes. This family business is managed by the vivacious 
khun Gung & her husband khun Lek;
the business has been operating successfully in Chiang Mai for over 15 years.
Location 1: Moon Muang Road, Chiang Mai
Tel:(+66) 53-214708 - Mobile: +6682-762-8302

Suzuki Jeep 1.3L 
Price : Suzuki Jeep 1.3L @ 800 Baht a Day With Insurance. Baht.

Double Seats Bicycle 
Price : Double Seats Bicycle @ 200 Baht a day. Baht.

Honda CRF Motard 
Price : Honda CRF Motard 250 cc @ 1,000 Baht a Day With Insurance. Baht.

Vulcan 650 cc.  
Price : Kawasak Vulcan 650 cc @ 1,400 Baht a Day With Insurance Baht.

Susuki V-Strom 650 cc 
Price : V-Strom 650 cc @ 1,600 Baht a Day With Insurance. Baht.